I am a geek and I am proud of it

I woke up at 3.45 am to watch BSG online.
I want to make an effort not to download anymore when I can avoid it.
Hey! I only (almost) download what I really cannot have in France such as BSG.

The last episode was…stunning. You could watch it without having ever watch one single episode of this show because this episode (like the writers have done before) was more about a “subject” than about the show. and the subject is FREE AGENCY.


I think that if I should ever be called as sunday school teacher I will just pull out this episode if I should ever have to teach a lesson about this subject.
The only concern I have is that this has been kind of done before in the 70s’ or 80s’ in the US…LOL

Then later in the morning my visiting teachers came and it was good.

I knew one of them from the time I was in primary in Paris (500km from where I live now which in France is culturally the distance between Chicago and SLC). I was friend with her brother (now inactive), we were not really friend because she was much younger than me.
Anyway I did not know her as an adult. When I was told that she would be in our ward and told this to my mother she told me that the had been told (notice how many times something has been “told”) that she did not have an easy temper to deal with.
When I was told about how she was supposed to be I thought that I would like her because at least she sounded like someone who would really speak her mind and therefore someone you could say “no” to instead of wavering between two confused and confusing possibilities (oh I hate that!).
Well, well, well….
I don’t like her.
She is indeed someone who speaks her mind, so am I.
She is also a woman who managed (I don’t know how) to be a full time mom, a teacher (science in junior high), the RS president councelor…
I have had her daughter and now I have her son in nursery and I can tell you that she and her husband are GREAT parents. They are examples.
they have managed to succeed what 99% of parents fail. Of course failing does not mean that you’re going to be bad as a mother or a father but since 99% fail it then takes special talent to be the best mother/father possible.
The trick they managed to succeed is the “frame”.
their kids have a structure, a “frame” in which they are allowed to express themselves fully but the frame is not movable and you cannot destroy it. It is a sane one based on simple things structured and gospel oriented.
I think that one of the strength of it is that the children also know that their parents could go out of the frame but they don’t. They show the example by respecting the frame.
They are also as one when it come to children (they have been married for 7 years). One can says anything and know that not a word, not a breath will come out of the other’s mouth to oppose.
Their daughter has a “strong” personality that her primary teacher is not comfortable with. I am comfortable with her because she is not hard or disobedient. She is just herself and very balanced. It is just that you have to accept that she is not going to stay on her chair staring blankly at you because she has been threatened by her parents in case she does not behave (sorry, I have seen many parents using terror instead of authority). the problem is that you have to have a stronger temper than hers and if you are weak yourself or not sure about your position as a normal and balance child she will just slide in the crack.
It does not mean that she will be mean but she will just not pay attention to you.
I love her.
And her little brother is great.
He is about the same but he is a little easier.
It is kind of hard to actually explain why or what I mean because I feel like I am saying that this sister is very permissive and just shows “a good example”. This is not just what her teaching is about. she is all about teaching, meaning, living…If you understand what I mean. Imagine the perfect example of the perfect mother and father for toddlers and you’ll have an idea.
I know she is not perfect and I know she will make mistake as a mother like all mothers do. But the difference is that she and her husband are giving right now they keys to their children to overcome the mistakes they will make as parents. It is pretty impressive.

I will talk another day about what we shared with her concerning this month’s message. It was good too but now is time for bed since I had a messed up night due to my BSG addiction.

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