Well, I have come to the hard realization that I am old and rusted but the positive side is that I can improve within and hour.

Tonight was my first Aïkido lesson.
I liked it a lot.
Good teacher.
Small class.
Big room.

My “gi” really looks new. It really shows it has not been washed yet, I had the longest “gi” in the room but it is also big enough to fit in all my fat.
I feel goooooooooooooooooooood. I am proud and happy of myself. I know I sucked but everybody was so nice just like it is supposed to be in the spirit of Aïkido. They all cared so much that I would not be discouraged when I was really not. they were just all so carefull that I would feel good and understand everything.
It is really like when I was a teenager. Aïkido is really my type of martial art.
It is all about defense, it is pretty, you can start at any age, kindness and respect are really key values in Aïkido (unlike some other martial arts) and there is a little pervert aspect of it that I like. Sometimes you can make your opponent fall way before the exercise is over but you do “play” a little with him/her before you put him/her on the floor. As the teacher said today: you need to have fun. It does not take away all the seriousness about it but since you are going to probably be the “strongest” without hurting you might as well “play” a little.
I like my teacher because he is a good one to start with. Not necessarily a good one if you really want to become a master yourself but he gives me self confidence and he is probably a good partner to practice with. I don’t know if what I said make sense and if you understand what I mean. Anyway here is a little video again but it is much shorter (less than a minute). the woman on there was probably passing a kyu which is the equivalent of a belt in other martial arts and what she does is impressive. I am surprised she does not wear the hakama yet (the big dark pants).

This is really cleaning my mind more than my body from all”toxins”.

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