This is my second real blog.

I needed the first one during a certain crisis I went through to help me put words on things, on events, and to try to see things a little more clearly. When the crisis was over I closed my blog. Erased everything because I did not want to leave traces of it anywhere since what I had learned from it had been acquired for good.

This is not a crisis blog this time and maybe I will make it last longer. I don’t know.

This is the diary of my journey back to the LDS church this is why I am calling it “back and then”. Hopefully I will have many things to write after the “back” event will have taken place. If not I guess I will have really screwed up something because I feel I have learned what I needed to be able to enjoy the gospel and the purpose of it. If I am wrong and if I have not truly learned what I need then….poor me.

If you’re reading this blog with the intend to save me from the LDS church I hope that you will take the time to fully read my blog so you’ll understand that you’re losing your time. My decision to come back to the church is both my choice and a spiritual experience that you cannot go against. So please refrain from leaving negative comments or comments that are intended to “open my eyes” because although I admit I keep on forgetting to make an appointment with the eye doctor my spiritual eyes are widely open thank you very well.

So this was my first post. Hopefully not the last. I will write as I feel to do so or as I feel impressed to do so. This is to remind me some things I never want to forget and also to give you a chance to either share your testimony or help me when you feel you should do so.

Ready for the journey? Are we packed? Got the maps? Some money?

Then let’s go!


I have asked Ray, who has been reading my blog for a while now, to correct my mistakes. So please don’t think that he is rude. After the correction you may wonder what this guy is pointing at since I will have changed it. This explanaition is just for you to understand what is going on when Ray leaves comment that you may think are out of the subject or correct invisible mistakes ;o)

9 thoughts on “LET’S TRY THIS (READ FIRST)

  1. What a great purpose for a Blog. I wish you all the strength of the Spirit to help you with this Journey. You are very brave and you will do well. Pray, read the scriptures, ask questions and stay strong and you will have nothing to worry about 🙂

    Thanks for being such a great friend on my blog! I love hearing from you 😀

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the link. I enjoy yours thus far and intend to keep coming back. What a journey! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you’re documenting this journey. I have never understood people who feel the need to “save” someone from the Church– save me from what, living a better life? Being more kind and considerate of others? Doing service?
    Congrats on your baptism, I hope it was beautiful! (I came over from thefireleinfamily)

  4. I thought I would stop by after your postings on Rebecca’s blog. I wanted to get to know you a bit more! I’m not the kind of girl to peak in and look around and then leave. You know you get that feeling that someone’s been in your house but you don’t know who.

    I like to open the door and announce “I’m HERE”

  5. lol, you’re welcome in this house anytime without having to let me know. The point is to make a few friends and testify a lot to a lot of people that coming back is possible. There is a chance after having been excommunicated:o)

  6. Hi You,brave person.I was wondering,are you French-just looking at the syntax.I spent some time there and have a particular love for French members and their struggles.E mail if you like-I get why this church is difficult,but I get that it is true.So,I’m on your side.Some of us at FeministMormonHousewives are getting together in paris in September.Interested?I’ll be the pussy cat as have very few brain cells after recent illness,but I was once an angry young woman.

  7. WHAAAAAAAAAT PARIS? Oh yes I am coming! Let’s just hope there won’t be any conflict with my schedule.

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