Stuff that matter

Ok I started writting this page in a way that takes way too long.
I know that no matter what denyal attitude we want to have about it this is a real fact: WE HAVE HURT THIS PLANET. But there is a chance to fix a few things. So I will post here links to help you change your habits without having to make too much efforts. Please ask me about it.

Cleaning your laundry but not only your laundry.
You can boil some nuts to get the saponin out of it and whash absolutely anything with it from your baby’s hair to the car. It is actually better for people who may have allergies. You also need to know that they are cheap and that a 2 pounds bag can a last a year for a family of four people. You also need to know that you can re-use the nuts up to three times if you have used a mild temperature for the water (30°C)
The thing is that it does clean your laundry but it does not remove the spots. This is why you need to use this.

Sorry it is like the only link my stupid french google let me have.

We need to be carefull, though. Starting to use this kind of product will automatically result in a change in local economy where these nuts are produced. Therefore if you don’t commit ourself to use it and never come back to our old habits we might not only be accountable for polution but also for the economical weakness we will have put these people in.
So I would advise you to either commit yourself once for good OR to buy one bag and share it to see how you feel with it. DO NOT start using it and then discover that actually they are making this wonderfull soap that is “Earth friendly” and that smells so gooooooood. Do you know what I mean?

Later I will tell you about “passive” houses.

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