Nice (not!)

Been sick all night long. Did not sleep at all. Did I need this before I take the CAPES again? Considering that it may be the last time? It is going to take a miracle for me to pass. I believe in miracles and I know this is a lot to ask but I would not mind another one in my life now.

I talked to my mother yesterday on the phone. It was a gooooooooood phone call. I love when she is making efforts, kind of funny how it makes mine easier.

I told her about the problem I have with her former friend (the one I talked about in my previous post). I told her how I feel about my bio dad. I knew what she was going to say. I have been her daughter the for the past 32 years and I have been hosted in her body for 9 months. I think I know her pretty well:)
And it was not so much what she said that made me feel good (because I disagree) but the fact that she listened to me without having to bring it to herself as she always do and the fact that for the first time since AT LEAST 20 years (probably more) she had a very soothing tone of voice. She made me think of my aunt Scarlett. It was good.
Talking about her former friend I guess her point is a solid one but I am still upset about it. I think the main reason why I feel this way is actually selfish. I don’t make a fuss usually about this kind of thing, we all see this kind of situation everyday; but since it is about something for which I still have question that are unanswered, since this is one of my last pain and one I can’t heal at the moment, I am angry at her.
I manage to bury it and to work despite of it. She brought it in the open and it makes me angry. Of course she could not know that asking for me to add her in my friends would be such a drama, but it would not have been if she had not done what she did using MY story and MY pain.
I have removed her invite to be friends and if we should meet in real life again I know I’ll be able to hold myself still…as long as it is not in the next 20 minutes because this migraine is showing up again 🙂
I just got in in my mail.
hope you enjoy this.

2 thoughts on “Nice (not!)

  1. Wow!! I loved that clip–what a great representative for our faith.

    Ok, so, sorry I haven’t been by in a few days–but I have been thinking of you. Hope all goes well on the Capes tomorrow, I’m praying and fasting for you today.
    I’m glad for the good conversation with your mom, progress I hope.

    Don’t even know what to say about this woman from your past. Good luck on that issue.

  2. Thank you so much. I really like how she explains in the comment why and how this scripture is not necessarily to be interpreted the way it has been since the restoration of the gospel. It always bothered me that members would be prideful and nicely prejudiced against other faiths because of this scripture.
    Can you seriously imagine that a faith that is based on the gospel found in the bible can be “wrong”? Come on!
    The book of Mormon was not given to us because the Bible is wrong. It was given to us because the Bible IS TRUE but due to all the translation some simple truth have been lost or twisted. It does not make the Bible wrong, it only makes it easier to attack and harder to grasp sometimes.
    The book of Mormon is “another testament of Jesus Christ”. It is not “the only testament of Jesus Christ” it is another one, it comes after the first one: THE BIBLE!
    So there is really nothing to feel proud and superior about. The only feelings that should be allowed concerning this whole issue is gratitude. We were given another tool to draw closer to God through the example of Christ…not another example from a different Christ.
    I feel sorry for all those who say: I am proud to be a member of the church. how about saying: I am grateful to be a member of the church?

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