Blacks in the scriptures


I am blessed.

I am blessed like you have no idea.

Here is the thing.

On Rebecca‘s blog I had found this interesting thing but the problem is that (appart from being broke this month because of my trip to the US) even if I bought this I would not be able to share it since this is the kind of thing that has no translation. You know this kind of thing never does.

So I wrote to them offering to translate it.

They accepted!

Picture me rolling over the floor and screaming and then jumping and then…..

Why is it a blessing?

Because this is the kind of thing I have always dreamed to do. It means a lot to me. I may make mistake when I write on this blog but let me tell you that I kick buts when it comes to translation. It requires skills that I happen to have. I have had the best teacher, ok no, only one of the best teacher in the world in this field and I got grades with her that even my other teachers (who had been her students) did not match. I am GOOD ok?

This is just what I have always dreamed to do. Offer my talent to a good purpose.

What do I gte in return? mmmmmmmmmm The peasure to translate (I like it, it is  game to me) AND the fact that I am intensively practicing for the test I will take in january to become an english teacher.

If I pass it I will buy myself another plane ticket to the US to meet this guy. Just for the fun.

Don’t start telling me about sharing and being generous and all the crap. This is not about it. This is about knowledge: acquiring it, sharing it, progressing together, playing (translation game)…

PLUS, Marvin Perkins sent me an email (that he sent to hundreds of other people) to explain how prop8 is slightly changing the africain-american view on the LDS church in California and how it is a good opportunity to help them understand more about us and even help them understand more about the gospel. Which happens to be right the kind of thing that our young man going on a mission needs to know about!

I am so happy. I feel so blessed.

1 thought on “Blacks in the scriptures

  1. That is AWESOME!!!!! congratulations on that. I think it’s wonderful, and wonderful of you to offer this service to them. What a great way to help in the progression of the gospel.

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