Money,Money, Money

This is my 150th post and I wan to play with you a little game which will end with my 200th post. I want you to read carefully this situation. Don’t overlook each step. Keep it as simple as I have written it because it is really that simple.

Here it is:


Every morning you wake up and the phone rings.

On the other end of the line a bank tells you that an account has been  open for you with 86400$.

Not more.

Not less.

Now the catch about it is that it has to be spent during the day.

You cannot buy stocks.

You cannot put it on an other account.

You cannot buy something such as gold to sell it latter because all the possession you once hold will disapear the following day.

You cannot take it from your account and hide it somewhere in you house.

You can ONLY spend it.

Everymorning it is a different bank that calls you. Never twice the same.

And the only thing you know for sure is that someday there won’t be any phone calls, it will be over, the money will stop pouring.


Please try not to read others’ answer, give one that is personnal. You can come back to change it or to make modifications.

You will know what is the point of this post with my 200th post.


Mikki wrote to me to clarify the situation so here is an example:

Let’s talk about painting.

If you buy one because it is worth money and you intend to invest this way and save your money or even increase it: you’ll lose it.

If you buy the same painting because you love it and it is beautiful OR because you want to give it to someone that you love then it will last.

The concept is that you can only SPEND IT and not SAVE IT in any way.

8 thoughts on “Money,Money, Money

  1. Well, on day one, I would go buy a new minivan–we desperately need one. then I would apply the rest towards my mortgage each day until it was paid off. This should take care of the first three days. Let’s see, there’s tithing to pay–so that’s $8640 each day. I’d buy an entire new wardrobe for each member of my family. More new vehicles for my hubby and I. I’d buy the new bigger home that I need over a couple of days, and outfit it with new furnishings. Improve upon my food storage, now that I’ll have ample room to store it. And then of course, charity. At the end of each day, I’d donate whatever I couldn’t spend to charity or the church. :o)(sigh) Now if only this could really happen.

  2. Wow, that is quite a list, I have going on in my head. I will have to write it all down and get back to you. Question, Can you buy parts of your house? (Yes that would be making really big payments.)

  3. trying really hard not to look at Mikki’s answer (she sent me BTW). So, before you clarified, I was thinking FOOD. I could feed a lot of homeless, hungry people. I could pay for school lunches for all kids– you can’t take food back, right?
    After you clarified, I would put down payments on homes for my family and friends– one a day. AND I’d still feed people.
    I would fly to the US just to go out to dinner or to have lunch with friends I left behind. I’d pay to have old people homes to be equipped with the best everything. I love the elderly (I’m going to be one someday).

    This is a great idea, I can’t wait to see what you’re leading up to.

  4. So far these three answers fit the rules in this way that you spend it and don’t try to cheat to save it :o) And puting down why you’d chose this or that is also a good idea for the second part of the post. But it is personal and you don’t have to.

  5. Yes you can. Yet remember that you get this EVERYMORNING OF YOUR LIFE until one day it just stop. So you might want to do a little more with all this money.

  6. Well, if it comes every single day, then I’ll pay off my mortgage first, relieve the debt stress, then I’d use the rest of the money to travel with my family.

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