I need to go running


The non-romantical date turned into two other dates where things developed in a way that I did not expect considering that I never thought that going to watch stars with him could lead to this situation. I had not even wondered at first if he was straight or not, engaged in any way or single…

Then not being very sure of his feelings, having some doubts I asked him out and we met at 5.30pm.
I fasted and prayed so hard that I could bring up the subject of the church and I had several of my friends do the same as well as the missionaries and more.

Eventually we ended up in a restaurant and we talked even more.
I told him about the time I spent in Az not telling him what I was doing there although he had guessed because of some other clues I had given him about my sweet little sister who is serving in Italy.
then came THE moment that I have been dreaming of. the moment when I have been able to say my old rotten joke that I have been keeping for this very special moment. Everything was just the way I had imagined:

Nice restaurant but not too fancy.
He asks me:
-Az? Isn’t it where the mormons are? Aren’t they polygamists?

I first said “no” but then I looked at him straight in the eyes, laid my hand over his and said:

-it is not exactly it, see….WE are polyandrists and I was wondering if you’d be my 5th husband”

I know he is going to do some research.

I thanked him for letting me say this old joke that I have never had a chance to say. Oh and I got home at 10.45 pm

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