It’s him

It seems that I should be married by the end of the year or the beginning of the next one.

I try to take it easy but it is hard. It would be so easy to let things flow and spend most of our time together but I don’t believe it is a good thing. Like today he wanted to cancel something that he does every Wednesday to be more with me. I told him to go because we will spend time together anyway yet he loves what he does then and I don’t know at all if I’d love it or not. He needs to have things he does alone like I do.
We both do Aïkido but I would never want to go to his club or him coming to mine. It could happen in the future though as we don’t practice on the same days and it would really make sense when we are married to spend more than two or three evenings together a week.

My biggest issues is that I have debts and I need to find ways to pay them before we get married. They are not debts out of wrong things, I had no choice but they are debts anyway.

the good news is that I can sell a body camera that I was saving as a spare body in case of trouble if I’d ever shoot weddings again. But since he has the same camera as mine I could borrow his in case of problem so next week this camera is out and I will reduce my debt and thus hasten the time when we can get married.


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