This is my conception of a blessing

I met this great guy who has recently divorced. We were supposed to go watch stars with a third person who eventually did not come so it turned out into a non romantic date.
I took this pic at twenty past midnight. When people ask me how I did it I tell them “just a little luck and a lot of talent”. The truth is that I had a tripod and a set my camera on a 30 second exposure. I let the technology do the remaining of the job. My buddy even drove the car a little further so it would not be in the frame. This night was just the best night I have had since forever. I don’t even remember when was the last time I felt like this.
I was six again with the benefit of being 30 years more. It was life as I expected it as a child.
We rested a little on a blanket watching the stars just like two children.
This is how I also found out that I have a power on shooting stars. Vega was staring at me (it was not being a shooting star….yet) and I was staring at Vega. I mean it was a staring fight. the stars stopped falling. My friend noticed it as I explained to him that I did not trust this planet called Vega. I told him that if I were to turn over so as to have my face on the floor stars would shoot again.
I did it and a star shot from Vega.
We laughed so hard.

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