Ha Ha Ha Ha

Yes I am really back.

One of my two goals this year is to improve the quality of my Sabbath days and I found out that writing on this blog could help me focus on something more spiritual.

Today was easier than the other days but my mind is stuck on something that I did wrong. It is not about a sin at all but I hurt people in a very surprising way.
First I handled very poorly a situation. Then when I prayed about the way to make it better…it made things worse. I really felt the spirit but things went from bad to worse.
So I am stuck on this event and how to apologize a way that will really show how much I regret.
See what I believe is not about being perfect but I think that mistakes are worse than sins.
Most of the time sinning is about our personal growth when mistakes is about being a stumbling block in people’s path without involving our own morality. I see also how Satan’s has been able to push the right buttons’ in people’s heart so things would blow out of proportion. This has also been a good kick in the pants for me because I have been wondering why I’d react a certain way in some situations. It is neither good nor bad, it is just that I don’t understand why I am this way when this just does not fit with my personality. All of a sudden the light came and I am no more puzzled by this reaction that I used to have a hard time understanding. I could try to solve it but frankly this is my last concern right now because what I care more about is how to mend things. I know that I am not the only one responsible but I am the only one who can/wants to apologize.

Yeah because I have the feeling it is pointless to expect an apology from Lucifer.

Sorry I had to end this note on a sarcasm. Sarcasm helps me step back and deal with things.

On a more positive note you need to know that I have started my own business. It is really exciting. I have a blog for it that I intend to turn into a professional site as soon as I have the money for it.
So far so good. I have only two weddings coming up this summer BUT I also have appointments and I am building a rather good network. I have to go to parties for that and I hate this kind of event where the Gotha meets but it is the only way to show my face and to get some contract. The last time I went I was able to say hello to a person or two which is MUCH better than my first times. The funnier was when someone just KNEW me “oh my gosh she KNEW me”. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know me.
Those people think they are so important. And yes they are but only on the little space they occupy.

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