Telling the truth without crossing people?

I have been wondering about this lately.
I love truth. No matter what kind of truth. Something else that I like is question and I like questions better than answers. There is a stretch and a growth in questions that answers stop according to me in this world and in this life. Then when you understand that you come closer to the truth it is so hard for me to let people in their ignorance. I know I am supposed to let them follow their path at their own pace but I know that if I do things properly I can help them to go faster for one step or two. I don’t intend to save their life or to force them to see things the way I do. I have learned a long time ago that this is pointless.
Oh I bet I will figure out the solution someday and when I do I know I will be amused by how different from anything I will have expected.

On an other subject I really want to go there (not Denmark, I already have been there). I think I have a good idea that could bring out something good for them and help me too. Be ready, it is 15 minutes long.

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