God’s pet

when I was in the MTc I wrote a sign door that said “God’s pets”. I meant to be funny but now I really believe it.

I feel that I am one of his favorite daughters and probably His favorite ones around here.

It is not because I am the most faithfull nd the ones who follows the commandments the best. I am not even always trying as hard as I should although I try to keep my efforts high. Just that soemtimes it is not as high as it should be. Anyway I am not writing to tell how bad I am because I am not better or worse than anyone else.

Then how can He love me more than He loves you?

Because I have a better idea than you do of how much He loves me.
Because I know how low He can bring Himself when He is still God and because He has beaten me up before to make me know who I am really and who I am is above anyone or anything anyone can be down here. He has put in so much efforts and love in making me. I know it.

Hopefully you feel irritated by the fact that I brag about this truth concerning God’s love.

The real difference between me and most of people is that I am aware of who I am which makes me more accountable for my actions and thoughts and behavior.

It is not so much the fact that He loves me more than He loves you that I tried to tell you.
It is the fact that I know from first hand experience who I am and I wish you’d know it too.

We are told everywhere that we are children of God but most of the time those words feel like a hope more than a truth. It is good and warm and comforting. Sometimes it makes us feel presured.

But if you knew trully what it means to be a Divine Princess you would feel the power you have been endowed with which can be way above your short comings if you will.

Oh don’t worry, I fall in the trap of indulging myself too about..er… everyday? But once in a while I like to exercice my power that has nothing to envy to the priesthood that men have been given.
And I whish you could feel it and know it too.

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