I know

I know I need to write more on this blog but I just don’t feel the urge to do it as I used to. Not that I don’t have stuff to write about. It is more like those ideas are so comfused and so not enough elaborated that when I put them on there it feels like they are stupid. Although I really don’t feel they are stupid when thinking about it.

Anyway Aïkido is great. I am still not good but I understand the concept of it better and better. Last time the teacher said the stupidest thing to my best friend’s boyfriend. Had she heard it she would have been so mad that she would have made sure he would never go back. Alright, you need to know that I use the term “boyfriend” because there is not real equivalent in English for what they are to each other. I guess to use the word “husband” would be more appropriate but I know she would hate that.
Anyway, the same way he told me a few weeks ago something that was extremly stupid and hurtful to the point that I just could not come for a week, he said something to her “husband/boyfriend” that made me angry for them. I know he kept it inside but really did not appreciate.
We were talking about my best friend before the class started when the tecaher asked when he would meet her. We laughed because she made it clear that she had no intention to come here. the teacher then decided that she was not fun and told her boyfriend to drop her.
I was shocked.
This guy is really a sweet guy but also one who needs to learn to think before opening his mouth.

I know he did not mean to be rude or to hurt at all but being in his sixties I thought that he could be smarter.

I guess part of the reason why I can’t write is also because I see so much pain around me that I would probably not have much positive things to write about. I ache for those around me who are suffering and although I am strong enough not to let it affect me too much I still have little positive things to talk about.

1 thought on “I know

  1. Hmmmm, maybe he needs a little duct tape put over his lips. I know a few people like that. Maybe they think they’re just being funny or maybe they just have no filter between their brain and their lips. I actually have the same problem with my kids. I sometimes say things out of irritation and then totally regret them later.

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