New gospel?

I have heard in sunday school that the reason why we suffer on Earth is because we have sinned before we came on Earth and that we suffer more or less according to how much we have sinned or not before we were born.

Do you think it is funny?

It is with this kind of teachings that I have been raised.

Fortunately the teacher pointed out that with such a reasoning Christ must have been the worst sinner ever.

Now the thing is that I know that the brother who said this must have thought “yes but Christ was an exception” and balh blah blah because this brother is always right, just ask his ex-wife:)

So let’s keep Christ aside and let’s use an other example.

What about the 18 months old baby who has suffered all his life and evetually dies? Was he a sinner too?
Oh wait, this brother would probably have a good explaination to prove that yes, this baby was a sinner.

It really sounds funny but the problem is that this man’s son is on a mission in California and firmly believes everything his faher has taught him. I think that if god himself would pop up and tell him that his father is wrong this kid would go into depression because to him God=dad=God. So whatever dad says is true.

I hope that he got some good companions and that he has not taught too much of his father’s gospel.

2 thoughts on “New gospel?

  1. Somehow I really doubt that we were sinful in heaven, and it comes back to haunt us in our mortal life. I don’t know who came up with that, but it doesn’t sound right to me.

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