This little boy in the nursery came today and screamed as usually. He screamed and screamed and screamed and when he saw me it was even worse he then screamed and cried.
You need to know that he was really cute in his little clothes and looked like a little man.
So I took him in my arms and his father quickly left.
While the little boy cried I told him that he was really cute/hot and I asked him to marry me when he’d be older. The little boy stoped crying right away and laughed his butt off!

HE IS 2!!!!

I am offended.

This little boy needs to know that I am pretty good looking for a thirtyish woman!

The good side of it is that once he was done laughing he forgot to cry again.

2 thoughts on “Offended!

  1. Classic! I absolutely loved this post.

    As someone who can’t remember what it was like to be thirty-ish, I hate to think of a little nursery girl’s probable reaction if I were to say what you said.

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