Good sister missionnary!

No, we don’t have sisters we have elders.
The one I want to tell you about must have been a powerfull one.
Last sunday we had someone from the stake coming to visit us. The stake presidency asked him to talk about him. So did he.
He explained to us how he was happy with his life but how he wanted to find the gospel and how the elders tried for 8 months and a half to make him feel he had a testimony. How he would come to church but did not want to get baptized because some things scared him (talking in sacrament meeting when he thought he would have to “teach” members who had been there longer than him or the idea of callings) and he thought he did not have a testimony. The elders did it good. They did evrything they were told to do. Pray with him, pray hard with him, pray harder with him, invite him to this and that…then they were gone.
A set of sisters replaced them.
They asked him if they could meet him someday and they came with the branch mission leader.
They “wrestle” for three hours. Three hours during wich he would not commit to baptism but aggreed with every single thing they would tell him.
In the end one sister said the thing that just nailed him on the floor.
She said: “we have been talking for three hours and all that you’re doing is proving us that what we’ve been talking about is true. Now I want you to prove me that this is wrong.”
This is when he realized that he could not prove her wrong because it was true and he knew it.
When they left he wanted so bad to tell them that he was ready for baptism but did not out of pride. LOL
But he did get baptized 25 years ago and he is now married to a woman he loves to death and they have been married in the temple. I wonder if this sister knows how much good this simple sentence did.

2 thoughts on “Good sister missionnary!

  1. “I wonder if this sister knows how much good this simple sentence did.”

    I doubt it – and that is one of the glories of the Gospel.

  2. What a great story to share. It’s so hard to know the right words to say, I’m glad this sister was in tune with the spirit to say the right thing.

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