I got it!

Yesterday I got my master card credit card. I hate it because it means that I am going to have to be carefull about my budget but I will quickly change to my regular card when I come back.
The other card I have is a visa but it is a special one. It is only a debit card (good, I hate credit) and each time I want to buy soemthing with it it ask my bank if there is enough money. If not then the card is not accepted. The thing is that if for example I need to withdraw a little money before I get my following pay it is ok as long as I do it from my bank’s ATM. So I am not totally without money but I know where I am in my budget without having to worry too much.
I only took this card “in case” I need it. I hope I changed enough cash. I hate to have to use my debit card specially in the US. The last time (2001) I had a visa and half of the times it would not go through. the other times it would go through but after like ten minutes. and the worse is that (I don’t know why) they could never interrupt the transaction so I could switch to pay with cash.

Beside I don’t intend to buy crazy stuff. Only some baby clothes for one of my neighbor, a bonder for my sister and a tone of candies for myself.
Maybe a few clothes as well if I find soemthing that I KNOW will never be seen in France.

I went grocery shoping today and I met the elders. Of course guillaume had called them too.
considering that he is officially in my ward but that he should be in another ward….do you think he actually called all the members of both of the wards? LOL

Anyway, here is a picture for the record. I hid my card number for obvious safety purpose.

4 thoughts on “I got it!

  1. congratulations I guess? I hate credit too. It’s SO easy to get into trouble with a credit card-especially for my hubby and me. I have one, and it is pretty much maxed out. Not a good way to do things. Now, I’m just paying it off, and then hopefully I’ll be better about using it for a few little things at a time and paying it off quick. With my track record though, I should really just cut it up and close out the account! Good luck staying in budget! :oP

  2. I will use it only in case of emergency or if I have spent all the money I have changed already, which hope won’t happen (I have 270$).

  3. A BINDER. I keep on typing too fast anst the “I” and the “O” are just next to each other on my keyboard.

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