I hope they call me on a mission

We don’t do quantity. We do quality.

Guillaume (William in english) our only young man in the ward called me just a few minutes ago.

He is calling each member perosnnaly to tell us about what he got in the mail: HIS MISSION CALL.

He is going to the San Francisco mission and has to be in the MTC on December, 30th. This is good. He is going to spend Christmass here and he will be in the MTC shortly after. Gosh he is so not going to focuse on presents and parties. I know him, he is probably going to use it for spiritual purposes. Yes….he is this kind of young man.

He is the kind of young man who despite adversity has chosen to take the best in his parents’ example. His mother’s way to love and care for people and his father’s strength. His mother is the one I wanted to have for my baptism. hoping it would help her get some spirituality in her week. His father is not someone I can say a lot of positive things about but I must say that he does not things out of wickedness. I love his step mother. I actually knew her before he did! Ha!

Now I can print out my little plan and hand it over to the bishop. It may not be interesting for the ward or it may be. I also need to call the bishop to ask him about this thing I asked him for the nursery about Guillaume.

I am going to have him come to the nursery the day I put his picture on the wall.

We send only one missionnary at a time but we send our missionnary far!

Now we need to do something for his mother. We are losing much by not having her around but she is so much traped in her feelings of pain that she does not see how much she is losing and how much we are losing. I wish I had the words to help her. It seems that the more I know about pain the less I am able to find words.

Anyway, the name of the day is GUILLAUME.

2 thoughts on “I hope they call me on a mission

  1. Please tell him congratulations from me. That is exciting news.

    “It seems that the more I know about pain the less I am able to find words.”

    Amen, sister.

  2. I think in missionaries, quality definitely supercedes quantity.
    He sounds like a wonderful young man. Wish him the best for me!

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