This woman is insane


I explained during my last appointment how with another “striped” friend who lives in Brazil we sometimes have this friendly argument about who is our Heavenly Father’s favorite daughter as I opened up to her how I sometimes feel that it is me. She has not gone through enough years to gather enough knowledge that will enlighten her consciousness well enough to grasp a glimpse of how awesome I am which would bring her the testimony of the love our Heavenly has for some of His children of which the favorite daughter is writing the words you’re reading.
She kindly expressed her surprised as she has always been convinced that she was the elected one.

I clearly saw how my therapist was unsettled by the boldness of my words and the  brightness of this revelation which she quickly brushed away by saying “girls I am going to help you both on this one. I AM the favorite daughter”.

I am sure Ray and Benoît that you can understand my suspicion of mental disease concerning this person.




On a more serious note, seeing what was required of Christ because He is the favorite son I don’t know if I want to be the favorite daughter.

I’ll write more another day about how this time of my life is important.

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