No I am not getting married.

I went to Lyon today to meet someone and to make some photography tests.

There is a enormous mall in front of the train station where I like to try not to get lost. It was the biggest in Europe at a time. I went to the underground of the mall where there is… a “spiritual meeting point”. It is an area that I have never seen anywhere else in France where people from any religion can spend quiet time. There are religious books and there is a small space for muslim who are too far to rush home to be able to pray.
I had much time before going back to meet my friend so she would drive us home. I had not read my scripture before leaving home early in the morning so I asked for a bible and I read.
I gave back the bible once I was done and the lady there started to ask me if I knew about their association. I did not but the talk quickly shifted to my job as a photographer because her niece studied photography and has a hard time finding any job in this field. I gave as much infos as I could and it was nice to be able to help. Then I can’t remember why I took a look at my phone and found out that while I was reading the scriptures I had gotten a call and when I called back I found out it was my stake president who asked me in a hurry to rush to Geneva because one of the seventy wants to meet with me.
I thought I did not have the money but I knew that even of the train ticket is indeed too expensive for me right now as I am typing those words I could ask my sister to lend me the money. So I got the ticket and I am going Saturday to meet with Elder Paya in Geneva.

I like the fact that this call came while I was reading the scriptures and trying to rest my soul in the rush of the mall.

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