I did it!

I know this is against church policy but I did “it”.
Talking about church I may have to skip it tomorrow. I really can’t talk and I am a little drooling.

As times passes it seems more and more crazy not to had it done before. I love it. I feels really like a part of me and who I am. This is crazy, I thought it was only about physical appearance but I understand what some people said about it. It is really something that means to me. It is like a long lost part of me.

Specialists say that the reason people do this is because we want to re-appropriate our body, that in a world where all boundaries tends to be erased and where uniformity is becoming a rule, doing this is like the last fort we defend. I kind of agree but not totally.
I did not ask it for my ears,my mother had it done when I was three years old and I screamed like if they had been cutting off my ears, the truth was that I was more scared than really hurting. This is not a good memory. But this time it feels like I chose something for my body for once in my life and my body is the most personal possession I have. It could have been the opposite: to chose not to do it. So this is where the “I like it” part is involved.

The funny thing is that the guy told me that I had a really good tongue (thank you) and that because he could place it to perfection if I should ever have the crazy idea to have a second one it would be possible. This is right. This is a CRAZY idea. Who would want a second one? It would be ugly and I don’t think I’ll like to be deprived once again from normal food like I am right now.
I know most people will disapprove of it but I don’t intend to stick my tongue out to people who can’t understand and who view this as some barbarian thing. And I only did the tongue not the nipples!


I understand why it’d be against church policy from a gospel point of view. Our body is a temple and you would not want to do something to injure it or destroy it on purpose. It is like the word of wisdom. It is for us to have a healthy body so as to be able to pay more attention to the whisperings from the Spirit. I totally understand this and the strange thing is that I understand this better NOW that I have done it. Because this is the thing. I had not done it to hurt my body because I have some psychological issues that should be taken care of. I had it done because I love it and I feel prettier with it, I have more self confidence and I love the feeling of it.

This has put some things into perspective. Some things I do to my body that are actually to hurt it. I sensed it before but never really thought of it as being “wrong”. Now I do.

hopefully with “this” I will feel like stopping what I am doing that is negative to my body.

4 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. you naughty, naughty girl!!!! LOL
    My husband has done it a couple of times in the past, but always ended up taking it out–usually because of work (tongue piercings weren’t allowed).
    Did it hurt like crazy?? Can’t even imagine what the nipples would be like. Ouch!

  2. No, it did not hurt at all and this really surprised me.
    And I would never do the nipples either. Can you imagine what it would be like to try to breast feed with it? Poor baby! LOL

  3. As long as everyone can still understand you when you talk. *grin* This is a good example of a cultural standard that isn’t directly a command and doesn’t constitute sin when not followed.

  4. The truth is that it is kind of hard to talk in the morning and since I am in nursery I had my sister called yesterday to say that I would not be at church. Yet I am about to get ready to go for sacrament meeting at least.
    I understand the church policy though. They set it much harder than needed because you’ll always have some smart a** (like er? Me?) who will go beyond the red line.
    I wonder if this red line had not existed if I would have done it. Probably yes, but I would not have bragged about it.
    It is very interesting to see people’s reactions. And I see who cares more about me on the web (or actually don’t care but don’t pretend too) and those who are sincere but actually care more about my image than who I am really or if I am happy. This is funny and sad, you’d think that by now they would have understood what matters the most. Nope.
    And it is the same people who have thanked me for being a real friend when they opened up to me. I can show to them the face they only want to see but I can never call them my friends because I can never show them who I fully am.

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