My last talk

We are here to learn eternal principals. Some are obvious and are taught constantly, methodologically at church.
Some others ask of us more effort and to be more focused on the final goal.
One of this delicate field to deal with is our relationship with God. The common point between our closeness to God and the faith we have in him seems obvious to see.

What I want to talk about today is how with the help of the scriptures we can improve our personal relationship with God and doing so how we can make stronger our faith in Him.

Let me share with you one of my favorite scripture in the OT Isaiah 49 :14-16
Like us Israël has been saved some times and some times it had to go through difficult times feeling abandoned. But this scripture tells us the God has not forgotten Zion. The same way the Lord does not forget us because he has had us graven upon the palm of His hands. And as the wall of Zion are always in front of His eyes He remembers our face too.

In these difficult times when we doubt He is not the one turning His back, we are. Reasons can be different from one person to the other. Some are easier to understand by our brothers and sisters in the church, others are not. But in these times of anger and lack of hope one thing is to be remembered: He is waiting for us until we are ready to turn to Him again.

Let me share with you another scripture that is very famous D&C 82:10
When I was first told about this scripture when I was younger I was told that it was the scripture by which we could have power over God. This was of course a humorist way to present things but there is something deeper that can be gathered from these two scriptures.
From this we can draw closer to God and his son and understand that God is a god who is asking us to let Him love us but our it is our own choices that are preventing Him from expressing this love.
Some of these choices are mistakes and acquiring the reflex of turning to the scriptures will help us to learn how to correct ourselves.
Other choices are direct transgressions and then repentance through the atonement of Jesus Christ will not make us benefit of God’s love, because this is something that we all get, but will enable us to feel the warmth of His love and understand what this warmth is about and where it comes from.
This sensitivity to His love is what make us sensitive to the whisper of this spirit that is often called in the scriptures: the comforter.

Our God is a God of love.
Reading the NT we learn that this is one fundamental principal that we have come to learn and that it is essentially through this principal that we can come back in his presence.

I would like to end this on a quote from a book that I love. “the prophet” by Khalil Gibran”
“When you love don’t say “God is in my heart” but rather “I am in God’s heart” “.

Sisters and brothers I would like to encourage you to read from the scriptures so as to draw closer to our Heavenly Father, so as to learn to know Him and maybe to understand Him and His personality. This way we may understand that anything is possible to Him but to go against our will and He won’t do anything to us that is not out of love. Maybe this way we can trust Him more and thus have more faith in Him.
I leave this in the name of Jesus-Christ.

Edit: it was much longer in French you know. I must say that I added the last part from “the prophet” by Khalil Gibran for our tenderly racist missionnary and anyone who could share his point of view although I don’t think anybody in my ward do.
If you have not read it you should. It is one of my favorite book. Can you believe that Khalil Gibran wrote this when he was 15 and then edited it when he was older?
There is an other one that I really like: “remember that modesty is only to protect you from the looks of the impure ones”. It is like I am told that my bra is showing under a shirt (like only slightly showing, I don’t wear see through clothes) I like to answer that I’d rather people see that I am wearing one than them seeing that I am not wearing any!

1 thought on “My last talk

  1. Great talk G!
    SOmething I definitely need in my life. More scripture reading, and to draw closer to God. I love those two quotes you mentioned. They are wonderful.
    LOL I especially like your last thought. Right on!

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