a little sad and frustrated

Remember my post about my friend Odile?

Her doctor does not know what she has but is not eager to have her tested for Lyme disease either because he does not believe it could be it.


How do you know when all the symptoms fit in that it is not it? Specially when the patient has been bitten by a tic? I mean he is the doctor and I am not. It is just that this way of thinking does not sound so professional.

She was not at church today and it seems that it is because she was too sick to get up.

I should go to see her but I am always afraid to pop up at a bad time. It seems that she does not really know herself when would be a good time. I am worried for her though.
I know that if I am right there is nothing that can be done to cure her. But I am sure there are ways to help her.
I feel a little anger rising as I type these words. Once again I am have nothing but my brain and my gut feeling that this is the disease and I really hope that I am wrong because if I am right, considering health care in France she could be much better taken care of if only what she has was officially identified then her doctor would deserve his degree to be taken away from him. It is not so much the fact that he does not know that I reproach him but the fact that he does not seem to want to know really.

Witnessing what she is going through makes me understand why some stars chose to be the speaking voice for some causes. Although some still makes me cringe I must say that I am grateful for those who do it, and I mean really do it and not just have their face on campaign adds.

2 thoughts on “a little sad and frustrated

  1. can she change doctors or get a second opinion? It’s just crazy that the doctor won’t just have this checked. What’s the harm in it. If he’s right, and that’s not it, then at least that can be ruled out. I hate it when the arrogance of people get’s in the way of a well done job.

  2. The problem is that she is way too sick to have the energy to change doctor. He said that she had gone through so much tests that he does not want to put her through another one….
    I hear this point which sounds good to me.

    But then why is he having her make more test that are much heavier than having a little blood taken?

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