Guillaume is leaving in a few days for the MTC.
This is a crazy time. So many things go through your mind, so many things to think of to be sire that you don’t forget anything, specially since being thousand of miles away from home in a different country if anything has been forgotten you’re really on your own.
He is so sure of things that I know will be proven wrong. Some “false” doctrine that are not realy bad to believe in if you’re 19 years old.
He is going to be 24h a day which is more than two persons involved in a marriage would spend with their spouse. This is going to be a test and he is going to discover things about himself that he did not know.
He is also going to learn that you can actually love everybody with all your heart and why this is the only time in your life you’ll be able to do it.
I feel a little nostalgic. Not that I want to serve another mission but I wish I had been a better missionary. I did my best then but as the song says (in french) “sometimes even to give it all is not enough”. My mind is ok about what I did and who I was. It is just that now that I am older and that I have been through some fore I know they are things I would do better.
I know Guillaume is going to have little regret because he has always been a very strong boy. He is going to be a powerful missionary and I know his companions are going to be glad they got to serve with him whether they realize it on the spot or latter.
He has such a great laugh. I have never heard a laugh like his. It is childish but in a manly way.
I want to cry because I know that he is going to have some really rough time and that the boy we see is about to stop existing. He will be lost and people won’t even try to fix this image of him in their memory. I wonder if they realize. This is the last time we see him as he is and all that we know is that we’ll get a fine man in return but we don’t know who he will be yet.
This is crazy.

A companion from one of my hardest companionship contacted me through facebook. She was not hard and I was not either. It is just that there could not have been worse match as far as our personality was concerned and we baptized like crazy.
We did not do anything. People just dropped on our planner and I am still trying to figure out how. My guess is that we had such a hard time together that the only thing we had in common was the work and therefore both did our best our own way. Being so different we appealed to a lot of people.
I think it has been the only time when my mission was truly about missionnary work and not about myself. Because face it. If God really wanted this work to be done he would certainly NOT send teenagers to do it.
Seriously…He is God.
Can you imagine him sending kids to do a job that the most powerfull leaders of the church would have a hard time doing?
This is because the mission is not about missionary work in the way we have been taught about it in primary.
The mission is about defining who you are going to be for the next decades you still have to live through. It is about planting the seed in your soul of the kind of child of God, the powerful leader you can be. It is about asking yourself the right question and understanding the gospel, love and much more.

Oh boy I am going to love to write to Guillaume.

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