So many things to do

I got to run to my housing company to bring papers for my sister, then I got to run to the electricity company to have electricity in the new appartment when I move in, I have to get some groceries and I got to clean I little my horrible mess.
What should I start with?
Oh I know!

I had so many things to write about yesterday but I knew my post would be “un-readable”.

I had prepared myself for this big sunday.
I even arrived a little early to church.
I participated in both RS and SC which is unlike me.

Taking the sacrament was not a earth-shaking experience. The whole sunday has been filled with the spirit but not in a way that would have made me cry. More in a soft flooding way. During the week it feels like I cary the spirit with me. Like a have my share of it and I can enjoy as much as I want. Sunday was different. It felt like it was all around and I did not have to carry it but more like I was swimming in it.
Yes, I think that’s it.
The spirit to me this past week compared to yesterday felt like water in the desert. We all have a bottle that can be refilled as much as we want, we don’t have to drink it, we can use it for anything and even waiste it. But on suday we get to an oasis and we get not only to drink and rest but also to swim in the lake if we feel like. Then we’re off again for another week until the next oasis.
Taking the sacrament has been more like diving in the lake. And I decided to let myself float and rest.

This morning I woke up with two ideas for the church. One for my calling and one for the ward and our futur missionnary (he is puting his papers in).

I will try my idea for my calling starting on sunday but I want to try it before I let you know about it.

My idea for the ward would be about missinnary work.
We are a small ward in which Guillaume has always lived.
My idea is to have him scan his tag when he gets it in the MTC, or maybe have it scanned when he gets in the field since he may not have access to a scanenr in the MTC.

I will have his tag printed out on something hard, or maybe not but not as soft as paper and I want to make a LOT of them.

Then I want to write down this program for missionnary work where everytime you do some missionnary work you get a “point Guillaume” (Guillaume is William, so it would be like a William point). This will last during all his mission time. I think I want to give TWO points for sharing a testimony. Then members would get one point for going with the missionnaries or inviting a friend to meet the missionnaries. This will be a way to both encourage missionnary work in the ward in a way that will help the members relate to it since half of them have known Guillaume BEFORE his birth. They will be encouraged to do it AND they will support our missionnary in a way that I know will mean something to him. Well, you get an idea of the benefit it would be for everybody.

We have many new families so it would also be a way to help them feel really a part of the ward although we have been pretty nice to them. LOL we can’t really afford to snob them anyway.

To help the children remember Guillaume I have another plan.

I have found this thing to mesure up the children. I have asked the primary president (who is the wife of the bishop) if her husband could have it put on a piece of wood. Then I want to measure them about once a month and put their name on it. Before that I will have measured up Guillaume and put a big picture of him on the side of it. This way I want to teach the oldest about “growing”. If you see any problem in my idea just let me know.
The only thing I WON’T accept to hear is “they are too young”. My first memory traces back to when I was 18 months and it is one where I was fully aware of the world above me. There is a way to teach them but they are not too young.

Anyway, I need to write down my program and hand it over the bishop.

6 thoughts on “So many things to do

  1. You can copy my idea. When I have everything writen down I can send it to you and you can just adjust it to your ward.

  2. I think they’re both great ideas!! Wonderful for the little ones, and a great way to start them off working to be a missionary. They’ll be striving to “measure up” to Elder Guillaume. I hope it all gets approved!!

  3. Guillaume is his first name, I did not want to put his last name on it. But Elder Guillaume sounds cool since it is the name they him by :o)
    I can do whatever I want for the nursery, my little missionnary idea is just an idea that I am going to put down on paper and hand it over to the bishop. Then he will deal with it as it pleases him. I think it is a great idea but the bishop has to feel it is good for the ward.

  4. That is such a good idea. We have a Brother and Sister Missionary couple out on mission right now. They would love the idea with the kids gowth measurements, since they have been in this ward since it was created in 1958. (The year of my birth) I live in a very rural area of Eastern Oregon, by the way. The next wards in all four directions are 50-100 miles away.

  5. Dearest Susan, you’re only three years younger than my mother and your ward geographical situation is the same as mine and as most wards in France ;o)

    Just pick up my ideas. Once they are out of my brain they are not really mine anymore.

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