Everybody knows I am back

The bishop got a meeting with all the presidents before church meeting. He told me he would tell them that know I had been re-baptized so I could give prayers.


Opening prayer in RS: Me

Opening prayer in Sacrament meeting: Me

And guess who got a calling RIGHT after church?

That would be me again.

And what calling did I get?

Let me think.

When the bishop told me that when I would be re-baptized I would get quickly a calling I knew I would be called in the nursery. It is not like I “feared” I would be called in the nursery. I KNEW IT.
So what calling did I get?
Oh my gosh!
This is nursery president.
Because there is a president ofr the nursery now? Boy, I have been out too long.

It is not that I don’t like children. It is just that kids are not my cup of tea. I mean I like them when they are around 10. Before an after this time I think they should be cryogenized or something like that. The issue is that then they would not grow and skip the two periods I dislike (before and after ten). I think I need to work this concept out.
You know, when they are ten they are smart enough to have a good little conversation bu hormones have not kicked it yet.
I know you think I am trying to be smart but not really. I am just expressing my deep feelings about kids.

Now my sweet Heavenly Father and I are going to have a little talk tonight. I mean I am sincerely thankful that I got a calling. I am going to be able to relieve mothers from a the worry of not knowing what to do with their child and they’ll know they are pretty safe with me. I am not complaining about the fact that I got called in the nursery.
My question is “why AGAIN?”
I have been the primary president and I have been in ursery before. Does Heavenly Father really think I should deal with members’ brats children to earn celestial kingdom? Aren’t they other callings that could bring me the same knowledge?

I know you are going to say “no” and I aggree with you. But I am sure that with a little effort we could work something out.
I start wondering if the parents are going to be that thrilled when I start “teaching” their kids.
These are all my feelings but as I have already said, honestly, I want to serve anywhere I can and I really don’t care if the callings are inspired or not. Honestly, if it is inspired then “great”, if it is not the “too bad” FOR THEM. I just want to serve and if they don’t put me in the right position then it is their lose not mine. All that I am asking is to serve, specially in this ward, and learn.

7 thoughts on “Everybody knows I am back

  1. Hey there!! Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post. I’ve been tied up–by my kids!! See what you have to look forward to in the nursery? (just kidding)
    How was taking the sacrament again? I hope it was deeply spiritual and moving for you. It hasn’t been that way for me in about a year. (thanks to my kiddos, yet again)
    Well, what to say about your new calling. Is there something to be learned here? You know, there could be. (don’t ask me what though.) Maybe there are little ones in your future, and Heavenly Father is trying to prepare you? Who knows, maybe it’s just one of those areas where bodies are needed, and you’re at the top of the list.
    I think everybody dreads the nursery calling whether they have kids or not., whether they adore kids or not. You have mentioned how unfulfilling relief society is for you right now, so here’ ‘s the perfect way to get OUT of that.
    Hope it works out for you. I think you’ll do great, do all that you can do, and HEavenly Father will do the rest.

  2. At least you know it’s a calling that truly came from God. Maybe that’s the central point – above all else, and it’s a great point to know.

    So, CONGRATULATIONS on your new calling. May every calling in the future be this clearly extended through revelation. *grin*

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