My dear sisters, my dear brothers

The word of the day is LOVE, trust would also be appropriate.

How can I reach my love to my stake president?

I talked to my bishop today. I really love this guy. He innocently told me that it is taking time because…..the “stake” is being slow. WHY? WHY? WHY am I not surprised?
I really need to stop feeling the way I do but I have a hard time. When will this stake president just aknowldge that he has an issue with my mother and therefore have an issue with me? Of course you need to know that my mother and I are just the exact same person. I love when people deal with me as they would with my mother just because we have the same figure. I really love it.

Our first presidency sent a letter to all the ward and branches that was read before sacrament meeting about not sending them letters for our concerns. Fine. I understand this. Then they thought it was a good idea to add that the trust our local leaders to be inspired to answer our questions.
They have never met MY stake president.
Honestly I know he is a good man. He is not evil and I don’t believe he has done anything not to deserve inspiration. But this does not make him an inspired leader at all. EVERY single time he has an importunity that I know of to listen to the spirit in a choice he has to make or in the way to express something, I just cannot believe how much uninspired this man is. All right. I am pretty sure that I saw only the very few times when he has not listen to the spirit. This must be because I am unlucky like that.
Now the good news is that he and my bishop are going to interview me.
Can you tell how much I am longing for this day?
So this is my #1 priority: to solve my stake president issue BEFORE I meet him.

But the good news is that now I know where I stand. I only have to wait until my favorite stake president comes in town. Do you know what I think I would really love? I would really, genuinly love him to prove me wrong in how I feel about him. But everytime I feel this way people tend to prove me I was right. So I will just stop thinking about it and work on myself as much as I can. Hopefully I will solve my issue soon.

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