A little frustration and guilt.

Last week was general conference and like 6 months ago I told me husband I wanted time out to watch it at home.

Again it felt like I was even more solicited than any other week end when I skip church. It is so frustrating. I know I can catch back but of course I never do. And today Is skipped church again but this time out of health reasons and family reason. So I told my daughter we would do a little spiritual moment like we were supposed to last week (and did not do of course). Last Thursday night we headed to the hospital and although things went fast and turned out alright it messed up our night. Pascal was already dead tired and this event screwed up our Friday (he had taken a day off). Then on Saturday we went to the car dealer of the brand of our car hoping we could change it and came home with our same old car.
Mind you, we have a car that is both strong and well taken care of as Pascal is very careful of anything he owns or that is under his responsibility. So although this car is 15 years old we might very well keep it for another 20. I strictly don’t care about earthly belonging but I want a new car so bad because Pascal would be so thrilled. I was so frustrated when we came home. This is so ridiculous compared to the worries some men have all over the world. A new car is such a shallow desire. But it is a shallow desire from a man who does everything for his family. Pick up any talk from our leaders about a good priesthood holder who make the Lord happy and you got his faithful description appart from the priesthood as he is not a member of the church. Many men strive all their life to be what he is. He was born with many features and had a good up-breading but he is also someone who wants to do what is right and seek for the right thing to do.

There is strictly nothing I can ask him more.

I want to write something spiritual and up-lifting to read for latter but I just want Pascal to have his new car.

On the bright side I read something else that made me feel less alone in my spiritual journey on Earth. It is really strange how the Lord grants some experiences and not others. I am eager to understand it all.


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