My youngest sister….

My youngest sister went to see my therapist on the B-day of my other sister.
This is cute 😛

What came out is that I was right to think that she has a high IQ which makes me feel relieved because I was afraid to be doing a “projection” for fear of being “alone” again. So I am not “happy” I am just relieved for selfish reasons.

What also came out of this is that my sister is very likely to have dyslexia. I wrote to my sister on her mission right away because I am shocked.
Don’t misunderstand me, I am not ashamed or angry or whatever negative. It may be the Garnier side of me (Garnier is the maiden name of my mother’s mother and the one we got our brain from) but I am beyond proud of her.
Gosh SHE (this tiny little Earthling) managed to be that successful so far WITH DYSLEXIA. Seriously who would not be proud of her? failing her first year of medical school is the first time in her life she is failing something for “real”. I am using quotes because it is only real if you don’t consider the fact that she was supposed to be a student like any other student.

To Benoit, I know you read my blog : Fhé might not feel like talking about it, it is a very fresh and raw news to her and probably does not know what to do with it.

5 thoughts on “My youngest sister….

  1. That’s right 🙂 And I even was thinking about it lately. It’s been a little while since last time.

  2. So, will you (Abraham) fly my wife and I over there and take us to dinner? My wife could use a short vacation on your dime. 😀

    Overcoming undiagnosed dyslexia is remarkable.

  3. Ray, Benoit (Abraham is his middle name and he uses it as it is way cool of a name AND it means much to him) probably won’t BUT should definitely.

    You two should get in touch because I know you would appreciate each other but since Benoit has nobody to see where you live I guess he won’t.

    Wait…..He should really plane next trip to Nevada and meet with you and your wife.

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