Some can run…

…but they don’t run faster.
They just run differently.

I can run too and I actually can improve too so I am NOT different from this man.

This is how I described how ridiculous it feels to me when I get the politically correct reaction that “we are all smart in very different ways”.

Er…yes, it is true I have met very humbling people with a lower IQ. I would never dare to set myself above them. But when it comes to try to make people understand what it is like to have my brain the best I can do is to use this allegory of a running champion who would be told “you don’t run really fast, you only run differently”.

Now the very sad thing about us is that we NEED to use our brain but it is not allowed for fear we would make others feel less. What we’d really like would be to solve some of the greatest problem the world has but by doing so we would make others who have studied sometimes longer the same subject feel ridiculous and boy you’d better never cross a French person on the subject of excellence.

Well there is also the same politically correctness all over the western world. This is funny because it never ever crosses their mind that maybe, perhaps there is a slight chance that we could use our brain for the benefit of others unlike the running champion who would never think of using his abilities to push a wheel chair faster than it could ever go just for the person sitting on it to get new sensations. It never crosses their mind that this talent of ours is really not only pointless if we can’t share it but also poisonous for us.

This is my conclusion on this subject for now. I have encounter three situations with this type of brain:
Those who get sick because of it

Those who shut it down not to get sick (the group I have belonged to for the past ten years or less)

Those who have found the way to make other benefit of it and to let the poison out so it becomes a cure for others. This is the group my shrink belongs to and the one I am aiming at.

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