The weirdest for me

The weirdest for me has been to be able to test other’s brain and to find out that indeed 98% of people’s brain around me have a different way to work
One crazy thing was to test an american girl whose brain did function just like 98% of the brains are expected to work but I was wondering if an american brain would be different.

See I have this misconception I guess that considering that the american school system is more open than the french system it would enable brain to evolve differently.

I was wrong and specialists are right. The brain is pretty much done by the time we’re born. It is crazy to realize that it was there before I have tried to make my first friend. It was my brain that was the source of almost all my problems all the way and eventually the solution to all. When I ponder about this it just blows my mind literally.

2 thoughts on “The weirdest for me

  1. I have six kids (and seven siblings), and I can say authoritatively that they each think and see things at least slightly differently – and in some cases quite differently.

    We really are a fascinating species.

  2. It is not about how people think and react to stimulis. It is how the brain really function and how it is determinant in what comes out from our mouth and actions.
    What we do with it is who we are and makes us unique.

    What I am telling you is that I always thought that everybody had blues eyes and was very sensitive to the sun (this is the best analogy I can make actually) and I am being proved that really 98% of people have brown eyes and are less sensitive to the sun than me.
    What I am saying is that I did not understand why people did not need sunglasses as soon as I did and why their eyes did not hurt when I did. What I am saying is that I felt diminished all my life because I needed sunglasses which obviously did not match they way I dressed and my environment.
    I am talking about me not understanding that I have blue eyes and why I could not do without sunglasses without hurting and I am talking about my environment not understanding that I had blue eyes for the most part but a few wonderful brown eyes who suggested that I had different eyes which always made me mad.
    It made me mad because like all the brown eyed people I always thought that having blue eyes meant to have more beautiful eyes.
    This is very important: I always thought that having blue eyes meant TO HAVE MORE BEAUTIFUL EYES when what it really means is to see better.
    It means to see ahead because my eyesight is better and it means to see the details that escape others it also means that I have a broader view if I want to.

    Eventually it means that I have been wondering for the past two weeks what is really my and my divine self and I am starting to see bits of it and I love it.

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