Meeting other zebras

It was kind of crazy today.
We were 4. 3 women and 1 man. the man had already met other zebras in the past for the three of us it was a first and it was a first in several ways.
We were able to finish each other sentences when discussing our experience, our feelings and although we had never met or never talked we wer

We able to read through each other, we were able to pretty much tell what the other was going through at the moment we were talking although we were not necessarily experiencing the same.
What I had taken up on doing was to draw this zebra sign. First I thought to write “zebras” but then I thought it was too weird so I made this and walked around with it. It was something “artsy” enough for a “city of design” but only clear for other zebras. It was crazy that they all thought it was a clever idea and never looked down on me or my sign. I think it is the first time in my life that this happens.
I have been thinking about “intelligence” a lot lately and about my last post and I think that the mathematical way to express what I meant would be something like -130-x<∞ which sounds like a joke but it is how I feel it. No matter how much “points” I am away from anyone it may matter when I am speaking if I want it to matter but ultimately it does not because our goal as children of God is ∞
Yet I “knowing” gives me the confidence I have been looking for and beyond confidence it gives me hope.