So this is really funny and telling me much about how people perceive me outside this blog (where you’ll all agree that I show only what I want). I have opened up to my friends about what I found out about myself lately.
I explained to them that this is why I have reacted this way and this way in some situations. I used the same words I have read over the internet and in the book BUT I have never used the word “overgifted”…..the result is that those friends I knew have the hardest time with how I am who are also the friends I have to make the most efforts to adjust have come to the conclusion that I am handicapped.

If I was not sure yet that I can really open up and talk about it only to you Ray and you Mikki now I am.

Of course I have talked to my little sister using this word and to some other people but the people I talked to are not in contact with the people who don’t know so I am not afraid of any leak.

What is nuts (and I know you Ray and you Mikki did not need this  piece of info to have a decent attitude with people with real deficiencies) is that it seems that there are physical common points between the brain of someone with a high IQ and some learning disabilities. If I remember well the difference between the two are electrical over working for people with some specific learning disabilities. I mean it is not just about parents saying “but he/she is smart” it is not about parents trying to convince others than although their child had issues catching up with the other kids he/she is a child of God anyway it is about real scientific evidences that we have little to stand on if we want to justify any kind of superiority unless we’re talking about belonging to the bigger crowd.
Sorry, I am being facetious here.

The more I think of what I know for sure about myself now the more I think about God and the scripture that says that the glory of God is intelligence (and it seems that I am very glorious, sorry being facetious again). What I believe is that this special ability first is not “more” brain or intelligence or whatever you want it is just “less less” which in mathematics would mean “plus” but not in regard of the ultimate result.
-120-5= -115 but if the goal  is 300 I am very far from the goal, just a little less far.
What makes me think this way is that my specificity is clearly physiological and not divine in this field. God made my brain LESS limited than an average brain which means that I am not in power to really know if I am ultimately smarter than the next homeless on the street. I only know that He limited my brain less but in a world where this could not have  a place and where I would feel crushed because of a lack of space.
Yes Ray, you may ponder about our divine potential and nature and what eternal progression means from there 😛  Of course there are tones of other subject from this but this one is the one that intrigued me the most right now and I start knowing you and how you go from one idea to expand to another one which is actually what I do to.

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