I guess I should be happy

but what I am experiencing just brings me sadness and disgust.

I lost 8 kg since mid January. the first 5 kg were lost actually within a month. My figure has changed and I have noticed that the kind of people I wanted to get acquainted with eventually have noticed me. Not because I am thinner (they don’t care) but because I am a runner now. I like it. I like it a lot.

The terrible part though is that some people’s attitude has changed too. I am the same person, I say the same things and I am hurt by the same things but NOW they pay attention to what I say, what I do and they care for my feelings.
I am the same person but they are changing. I should like it but I don’t. I have taken on running for myself, for my own health benefit. I never thought that what they cared about when I opened my mouth was how much I weighted.  

1 thought on “I guess I should be happy

  1. I’m really happy for you, personally – but I agree completely that people care about the wrong things when it comes to how they see other people.

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