I am amazed sometimes at how time can fly.

So what is new in my life?

I am doing good in my “week goal” for the year which means running 4 times a week and I am doing crap on my Sunday goal which is to  practice the guitare. I skipped last Sunday and I did it today again. I think I will practice tomorrow so as not to lose focus on this goal.
I have stopped eating anything containing gluten and since I am eating healthier and doing sport I totally expected losing weight but what has astonished me is how much my face has changed. We can see my bones cheeks again. I am finding out that really gluten makes me swollen more than it really makes me fat. I have lost only 6 pounds but it looks like I have lost much more. 
I am also finding out that I have one good heart. I mean I can run for 30 to 40 minutes and it takes me 5 minutes to go back to a normal heart beat. I have not run for 25 years and my heart is just perfect still, after all that I have made it go through. I feel blessed.

Now, last but not least. There may be “someone”. We still have to discuss more but so far it is looking good. Of course he is not a member, it seems that I can’t fall in love with members. I don’t want to offend any male reader but there is really something wrong with most male members I know in France. I know someone who is not like that but he is 10 years younger than me, therefore I see him as a little brother. I have nothing against couples who are 10 years apart but I really would have   hard time with this. And well, he is my little brother I mean. You know, the kind of guy I can’t fall in love with. Yet he gives me hope that not all male members are like what I am used to see. I told him that I would marry anyone like him but 10 years older. He was in charge of finding me such a man but he failed. So I had to look for someone myself and I just can’t stand men in the church. I try hard.  It would be so wonderful to have the priesthood in my home but the price to pay is my own sanity from what I have experienced.

So who knows what will happen. Of course he is not so hot about the law of chastity. Why would he? I am living it because of the requirement to enter the temple but it does not make any sense to me either. I won’t sacrifice my temple recommend for a meaningful sexual life but it is a very high price to pay and the reward would better be worth the price.

1 thought on “Already?

  1. You haven’t had great experiences with the priesthood. That makes me sad.

    I hope you find that the reward will be worth the price. I think it will.

    Good luck in this new possibility, I hope you can make it work. I don’t have the preisthood in my home, and it makes me sad sometimes. But, I do have a good husband who IS very supportive of the gospel in the rest of our lives, and that is very important too. There is always hope. 🙂

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