I should be preparing my lesson

…instead of bloging but I have been thinking about something lately that I wanted to write about.
Then I came across Ray’s new entry for today and I thought: that’s it! I have to blog.

Of course his is like long and thoughtful and I have not really read it all yet because I have been busy in self satisfaction that I will account for later. A little self congratulation does not hurt 😛

Anyway, back to being serious what I have realized recently is that God is not our father (which was supposed to be the title of my post).

Our Father is god.

Please note the capital letters that I use on purpose.
To make it more clear: Fireman is not our father. Our father is a fireman
And I invite you to read Ray’s blog to get some more thought about what it means because although I never knew about the jewish concept of Godhead (nor do I cared actually) this way of envisioning my relationship with our Father/God has lead me to a similar path of thought as Ray’s.
It brings me both peace and humility when I ponder and turn to my Father this way. ultimately it brings be a righteous joy that makes me giggle inside. I know this sounds silly but I feel at peace in a way that I know where to turn to find peace and the strength I think I need. Strangely the fireman allegory (don’t analyze the subject of my allegory, I am fully capable of doing so which actually makes me laugh at myself) with all that it implies for me makes me feel more comfortable in the future and in the plan that has been set for me. Being at ease I have realized that I have been a tiny bit more capable of asking Him questions instead of just opening about my feelings. The past days I have asked Him direct questions requiring direct answers no matter what form they would take. This allegory leading my to a similar path of ponder as Ray I am very eager to learn the new things I can learn at this stage.
Like when I was in elementary school and be given a new chapter to open and study, I loved the perspective of learning something new, with a difference, though, I know the delight of the new learning never wears off.


Yes, this is the title of my post.

Part of my concern when I was coming back was about having all my blessings restored which meant that I would have to wear those “sacred garments” again. One of the thing that I thought was absolutely dumb was the fact that we had to wear our bra ON the garments. I don’t know about the US but in France it is considered by the medical field as a sign of mental unbalance and this can get you really in trouble. A very candid friend of mine told me that you just tell them that it is for religious purpose. this gentle young man never had to deal with those people.

With my mother’s situation I have learned that once they have decided something about you anything you’ll say will just make it worse so if they decide  that you are crazy because you wear your bra above any type of close you should NOT tell them it is for religious purpose. We are NOT in the US where crazy religious habits are ok. You are allowed to believe the craziest things ever such as someday you can become like God and that God has a wife. Whatever you believe is ok as long as you don’t dress or behave differently.
Anyway it is now ok to wear your bra above you garments. Not that it is encouraged, young women going through the temple for the first time are invited to think about the garments and what they represent and to decide for themselves what is best.
I don’t need to think about what those garments represent but what my bra is.
Is it a piece of sassy clothe that I wear out of lust to feel sexy and seductive?
It could be but then I would totally and absolutely remove it all!
No, my bra is there for health and comfort reasons not to drive my mind away from any sacred purpose!
For now I still wear my bra ON the garments out of habit and I don’t think I will change this because eventually I have come at peace with this issue (the bra was not really the issue, it was only the top of the iceberg) but now I feel better that if someday for some reasons I feel better wearing it UNDER I won’t have to have a second thought no matter what the reason could be.


That was the positive part of going through the temple with my sister.