Too much

So many things have happened the past weeks I really can’t do a proper follow up.

I am now a part of the “plot” to destroy my mother. I totally expected this to come soon but what has surprised me is that my younger sister is part of it too. I am finding out that it is harder on her than I thought. This is the very latest news, it is only about two hours old and there are a thousand things I could write about but each would take a full day of writting. It would be both boring for you to read and tiresome for me to write.

I got a surprising immediate effect of the changes I am bringing in my life: I can fall.
Don’t laugh. I was surprised today to be able to fall on the tatami just perfectly and beautifully. I did ALL the exercises. I just can’t believe it. My head did nut turn at all. I am going now to progress very fast. I know this is not telling you much from where you stand but this is a victory that almost made me cry both because it has frustrated me the past years and because I know this is a blessing a brought upon myself because of the choices I have made. God never said “have a good attitude in life and you’ll be able to do beautiful  fall on the tatami” God is trying to show us the power of good and positive vibes in our life. Some call it Karma, some call it a blessing. Whatever the power involved in this it is real. I have experienced it tonight in an aspect of my life that is not life endangering or about the salvation of my soul but this is a personal token that speaks tones to me.

I MUST write about the blessing I asked for last week and last Sunday. But right now I need to go to bed and think about how to write this experience so it can be uplifting one way or another for anyone reading my blog.

3 thoughts on “Too much

  1. My wife is on the way to a similar relationship with her mother. Our prayers for you and your sister. Don’t worry about trying to make your writings uplifting – they tend to be uplifting simply with the sharing, even when they are sad.

  2. Schizophrenia is no fun no matter how much explanation is given to you about both this life and the next one.
    Tell you wife I am really sorry that she is going to more or less a similar situation.

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