God who?

My sweet youngest sister is going through a “crisis”.

The kind of crisis everybody should go through but many are afraid to face those question she is asking.

Is there a God?

If there is a God then why is He not listening to me?

If there is a God am I in the right direction?

I have taken upon myself to help her with those questions. First I have made clear that there is no problem with these questions as many have asked it before and for those who were honestly seeking for an answer it seems that they all got it. I have also made her see for herself that the taboo she feels about those questions are not because of the church but because of just one or maybe two idiots at church. Sorry to use such a language but there are several people who wish to shut their mouth some times and we never do because we think they are just nuts and/or stupid and that “everybody” knows they’re wrong anyway.

Well as I have always thought the fact that they are wrong is not “obvious” for everybody. I am sorry that I am not going to be able to help all those whose tender spirituality is hurt by such an ignorant attitude but I can only help my little sister and I will.

First I hope I made clear that the path does not really matter and that what matters most is where she is headed to. If not I think I will discuss about it again just to make sure I have been clear.

Then I think she needs to “know” God. I am sorry to say so but “religion” does not invite to develop your own relationship with the Divine. If you grow up in a religion you just learn that you need to obey, obey, obey, be good, and obey. then comes the time when you start having questions and then you have two options: you burry them because you’re afraid of the answer. And you go on with your life and play pretend that you have understood it all. this holds as long as you don’t go through really hard trials and sometimes it does not last that long.

Or you’re not afraid because somewhere very deep inside you know you’re going to get an answer. And somewhere something is telling you not to be afraid of the answer. What is this that gives you this courage to ask and face your questions?

Well it is the fact that you already have this faith that will carry you through hard times but to have it flourish you need to make it grow and make it mature.

And this goes through questions and doubt and pain and tears. It is the birth of an adult soul and no birth goes without work.

I want to help my little sister craft her own soul with the direction of the Master. But first she needs to recognize His voice.

So my first idea has been to make her meet as many spiritual people as I can and make her meet as many different faiths as I can so through all those different path she can see the direction. This will take much time but in the end I know it will pay off.

3 thoughts on “God who?

  1. Well, I think it’s a different experience for each person because of course we all are different and we feel and understand and see things according to our own personal experience and personality. So all this to say, maybe what worked for you maybe won’t be as effective with her (but of course it’d be the same whatever you or someone else would do, and being sisters you should be in a good position to help her best because you know her more than other people).
    Anyway, about the 3 questions you gave, I would say the 1st and 3rd are linked and I’d say what most people would say (I hope) at church which is that if God is there he should be able to manifest himself directly so the best is to ask him directly if he’s there. No matter what people think of Him and churches or people’s theory about Him, if He is there and He was able to do such great things that we say He did and if He loves us so much, then He should be able to answer the simple question “are you there?” (and that’s what I did myself and that’s how I know it works but one can only find out for himself so it doesn’t matter what I say or what others say, it has to be a personal experience). And then if God is there, then asking Him what to do or about the right path is something He should be able to answer too.
    And now this leads to the 2nd question. And I understand why people often ask this question but to me it’s not a good question. I’d change it to “If there is a God, how can I receive His answer?”. Because maybe He is listening and the problem is that we’re not listening to His answer, or sometimes He doesn’t give us what we want so we can feel He didn’t listen, but He doesn’t have to do everything we ask Him. But getting an answer is the difficult question because from what I’ve seen, there are many ways people receive answers but it’s different from one person to another. Some feel heat in them, some get clear thoughts coming to their minds, some just have a good feeling come to them, … and sometimes it’s just 2 months later that something will happen and if you think about it it was an answer to something you asked. Or sometimes the answer is ‘No’ and we don’t want to receive it.
    But I say all these things and you know all these things I’m saying, but the difficult part is that it all comes down to the personal feelings. I know how I feel and how I receive answers to my prayers, and I’m sure it’s different to how it is for you, and your sister has to find out how it is for her.
    And I’ll stop now because I don’t want to write a longer comment than the original post, but these are good questions to ask and think about. Some don’t ask because they’re afraid to know one way or the other, other’s just don’t care about it, … but if she really wants an answer to these questions she’ll find them, and if you try helping her that can just support her so that’s good šŸ™‚

  2. Oh thank you so much. This completes beautifully what I wrote. I did not have much time and I wanted to make it short thinking that it would take me too long so thank you again šŸ™‚

  3. Even as a practicing faithful committed Latter-day Saint, I look on my faith more as a matter of personal relationship with God than religion. If religion is the organized and outward practice and the common thought of a body of people, then I am part of a religion. But I am part of that religion secondarily — firstly, I am a son of God; secondarily, I am part of the religion because my God commands me to build up his church and fellowship with fellow saints.

    Some people are part of the religion because they were born into it. Some people are part of the religion for social reasons. I’m part of the religion because of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So we’re all in the same religion, but for very different reasons.

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