I am connected again

It has been over a month since I should NOT have been disconnected.

I am back on the net and I have much to write about.

I think I am heading to breaking up communicating with my mother. I am not saying that I will do it next week or even next month. I am just saying that now I understand why I don’t need to have her as a constant reminder of what I could become because I know I won’t become like her.

I guess I won’t have to do much since she does not want to talk to me half of the time. I am not really happy of the situation that enabled me to understand why I should not fear to become my mother but I know it is better for me since it was one of my biggest barrier in some areas of my life.

2 thoughts on “I am connected again

  1. I’m glad you’re back online – and “glad”, for lack of a better word, that you have received such an important epiphany.

    Welcome back! *grin*

  2. “Epiphany”…yes. That’s the word. I never think of this one because for us the épiphanie is the first sunday after Christmas when we eat a special cake to celebrate the meeting of the three wise men with Jesus.
    It is a cake that I love filled with a special type of marzipan (and I don’t usually like marzipan) and a special time to eat a lunch or a dinner with the family.
    After the épiphanie you know Holidays are really over and you can start recovering from all the food you have eaten for a couple of weeks.

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