The bus

A few weeks ago I ditched church. Looking back I honestly believe this is one of those situation when I was probably better at home than at church. You know like a kid you ground because he/she has a bad attitude with the other kids.

This morning I ditched on RS. Or I should say I wanted to ditch on RS. I wonder if my feelings will ever change about this organization…oh well my feelings is not the point of my post. I left late and I saw the bus coming down the hill. I thought there was no point trying to catch it since on sunday it usually goes straight down the hill but I felt the spirit urging me to run.

I did not.

Then I saw the bus had actually stopped. I thought I should have run to catch it. Then  the bus did not leave, this is when I understood I really needed to run to catch it. And I did.

So I arrived for RS late and…and…and…and there was not RS.

What the heck?

There were few sisters and they had just slipped into quality chating instead of doing RS. I was surprised to here that my lesson last week has been apreciated. It was THE very subject I did not want to teach about. I thought the lesson in the manual just sucked and I was not going to put up with the stupidities I had been raised on that we keep on hearing (by the way the lesson was number 39 about the law of chastity).

What I did (which seems to have been lived by most of the sisters) was to start off by writting three things on the black board I did not want to hear:

The world

Happiness (and all the substitutes)


I had a blank to start with for like 5 minutes. It was funny. The sisters were totally taken aback. You should have seen their mouth opening and no sound coming out of it. But what I think was actually cute is that they all tried it and even if one “failed” they all had consideration for my rule and did their best to follow it.

We finally ended up only discussing sexual education of children which is a subject we mostly all agree on.

Some sisters were rude last week. Like really really rude during my lesson. I thought, I believed firmly, I was the only one thinking they were rude. I was sure the other sisters thought it was okay to behave like they did because their motivation was about the gospel.


I found out today that the other sisters mainly thought it was rude too and that they had no good excuse for behaving this way.

I am happy I caught the bus this morning.

(I don’t know what went wrong when I typed this post, a paragraph is bold when I have not done anything purposely to have it this way and it seems that nothing can be done to change it)

2 thoughts on “The bus

  1. I was ‘affraid’ of how your story would end at the beginning but I’m glad at the end it went well 🙂

  2. I don’t know how I missed this when you wrote it, but I finally “caught the bus” and read it.

    I’m glad I did.

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