Rough times and blessings

I had never experience this cruel situation: when you’re doing so great that you want to shout it and you can’t because people around you are going through some horrible times. I have been blessed beyond measure and this is no joke.

My IR pictures made me get an 11 000 worth contract which will bring even more because a politician has asked me to document his next campaign. This means that I will go anywhere he goes and since he is a conservative AND a man with great influence and good reputation I am going to be around quiet influent people for about 8 months. When eventually a movie of my life is made because I will have become this big and influent photographer (jooooooooke) this event will definitely part of the legend because it really happened like in a movie.

I am also going to have an exhibition thanks to the same man and I am going to work on it this week end AND next week.

Next week? Oh yes, next week I am going to the temple for the first time since I came back to the church. I plan on going to a session in the morning and then taking pics the afternoon.

You must be going “WOW”. And yes I am to as I am typing those words even if it is already old news.

So what is so sad about it?

About two weeks ago I took this test to pass a level in Aïkido. after the class we found out that one of the participant had just lost his father of a very fast growing cancer that killed him in a week. He was to be buried two days after he told us the news. Then I called my former bishop about car pooling to Lyon for a stake activity when he told me that a member of our church had lost her husband the day before my budy’s father was buried. He had committed suicide.

I felt bad enough that this guy had lost his father so quickly and I was so sad for him and then, this member who has been one of the first person I have known in the ward lost her husband this way. It was just horrible. I could not stop crying for several days. I had never realized how much this sister was important to me. She is not that great sister in the ward that everybody loves because she is so special. It is just that we love her because she exists. I never thought I would cry that much for her. It was really for her because I have seen her husband at best twice in 16 years. I really did not know him but I know her. She is not my friend but she is important to me. She did not come at church the following sunday and I am glad she did not because she gave us a time to cry for her together. We did not have to act brave. She came to sunday after and this just killed me. I know I would not have been able to do that. And I did not know she mattered that much to me.

4 thoughts on “Rough times and blessings

  1. First of all, Congratulations! That is wonderful news for you, on all accounts. So exciting!

    I’m sorry for the loss of your friends’. Brings to mind the old phrase that life goes on. Seems cruel sometimes, but I guess it’s a good thing. I’ll be sending prayers their way.

  2. I’ve seen you go through those 2 things and I just want to remind you something you already know because I’ve already told you : you are a great person. You always try to be true to yourself ad to others. You rejoice in your successes but you genuinely feel deeply for people around you. And this is who you are, a great person 🙂

  3. Abraham will you marry me?
    What you are too young? What you mother already hates me?
    Oh well….will you just find me someone like you?

  4. Just wait 4 years and if I’m still single I’ll marry you 😉 (and if you’re married by then… I’m sure you can get a divorce)

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