I am.

I never realized how much “hopeless” in a sense I was. Thinking about what I wrote yesterday made me feel very down but then I have the feeling that there is a way out. I know the atonement apply to this too.

I need to tell you about the sweetest  experience I had today.

As I told you I got robbed of 800 euros wich is big already for someone who has money. Let alone someone who doesn’t. This really put my temple trip on jeopardy. then yesterday I remembered I knew a way to be hosted in Switzerland  for free. I was so excited.

I wrote to the people who maybe could host me but I haven’t heard from them yet. Then this morning I called old family friends and told them I was going to the temple on the first week of July. They asked me to repeat it and they checked out when they are going and (as you can guess) they are going on the exact same dates. They offered me to sleep at the temple house in the room they have booked.

I am so excited about this. I worried a little this morning because it has been over ten years since the last time I went to the temple and I was not sure I was going to find a place to sleep at for free.

PLUS these friends are the people who have helped my mother the past thirty three years (until she dropped them as if they were nothing important). Pierre is the one who baptized me when I was 8, he is the one who watched over me when I was sick and my mother could not afford not to go to work again. Solange is just this Italian “mama” everyone loves although she is 100% French.

I am just being watched over, taken care of and this is not something I can deny.

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