I love general conference

Yet I have the feeling that I have failed a little test. the good news is that I have acknowledged it quickly this time and it is fresh enough that I can correct myself. I really think that I was meant to go to the stake center to listen to the GC instead of listening it at home as I usually do. I have prayed so I can catch back what I was supposed to be there for next stake conference (since I don’t go to it either). I hope it can be corrected.

This time it was really not like what I am used to experience. It has been the hardest way for me to identify the Spirit. I can explain but it is this “gentle” push that you can easily mistake for mere coincidence. I am very much like the Apostle Thomas. I need evidences, proofs, a punch in the face to get the message. A gentle push is like Chinese to me, it is very hard to get. Yet, the last time it took me a week to identify it. This time 24 hours and I even had doubts when it happened. I guess it is better…

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