Talk last week and what I am doing that is taking all my time

Here is my excuse:




Last week I gave  a talk in which I said that trials and adversity are two different things. We accepted adversity because it was the only way to test and prove ourself. Trials are different, they are the way Satan can discourage us and get the best of us. I mentioned that I felt blessed not to have to deal with any trials at this time.

This week I went to the police station to report that I have been robbed of 800 euros. The last police officer I talked to said that it would take about three months to have my case solved through the investigation. As I talked to my friends today in church about it one of them laughed reminding me about what I had said in my talk last sunday.

I thought about it and I don’t feel it is a trial. Merely adversity. I realized that what makes this not so big of a deal I guess is the faith I have that my Heavenly Father will not allow my business to fail because I have been robbed. He could decide that I have not put enough effort to keep it but not that I should lose it because of this lose. I guess the difference in this very case between adversity and trial is how I decide to consider it with my relationship with God in perspective.


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