And today

I went for an interview to get a temple recommend. Next week I’ll see the stake president but he might not have time to interview me. In this case I’ll make an appointment to meet with him shortly. I have registered on the list for the next temple trip for we’ll stay there a full week. I intend to do infrared pictures of the temple keeping my fingers crossed so it turns out good. Cause it’d be awesome to do such a picture of the temple.

I went on the LDSstore tonight. I did not think my file would have been already updated but I was able to order Gs. Then when I was trying to figure all out cause the size chart is seriously misleading a sister called and I was able to get advise and “order” Gs. I should have them by the end of the week.

I am a little scared because I want to do it right and I hope I won’t feel this disgust I have felt in the past again. I really don’t know at this point what my reaction is going to be. I am trying to hold back my tears cause I really want to wear them but I also know that I can’t control some things and I am afraid of my reaction.

So far things have been going amazingly smoothly and I should really take the time to write about it but I am really afraid and the more I am afraid the more I feel a kind of anger rising up again and I really don’t know where it comes from but from my fear.

I guess this is partly how fear can oppose faith.

I know once I am done writing done those words and closing this post I will feel better because I have felt the spirit strongly for the past ten days and I know I only need comfort and confidence but having my mind busy in typing those words I can’t focus on what God wants me to feel.
So I am ending this here on the promise that I will type more about the past ten days when I get a chance to…when I take the time to 🙂

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