Yesterday was hard

He broke up with her yesterday. It was very emotionnal.
She did not accept it.
She did not believe it.
Then she wanted to see a picture of me.
Today he told me she was extra nice to try to get him back.

What makes me sad is how she must think that he has cheated on her when he has not but he cant’ tell her that or else he will have to explain to her and she will either think we are crazy or that he is a bastard lying to her.

Monday was weird. I would feel happy and then nervous and then I would worry like crazy but then something that I have learnt to identify came. It was like a blanket of comfort and I knew everything was alright.

We know it is going fast and we know we look crazy but we both feel good about what we are doing and how we are doing it. I must add that I really feel the spirit that tells me I am right. He can always chose to go another way because he will always have his free agency but it won’t change what I feel which is : this is right.

1 thought on “Yesterday was hard

  1. Well, the deed is done. That’s good. Hopefully from here on out things just keep getting better.
    You know, when it’s right, it’s right–doesn’t matter about the timing. All my best!

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