It is official


“H” came yesterday.
I took him to a picnic by a lake outside the city.

He kissed me.

And the funny part is that when he did we heard a choir practicing far away.

If this is a joke from HF it is actually funny.

We talked a lot.

I feel bad for “A” because he is the kind of person who is really willing to mend things up when possible and he tried for years.
One of the thing he told me is that about ten years ago she had a miscariage and they never talked about it.
My heart broke when he told me this. And he did not say anything but it came in a discussion about losing a child and how it is the most horrible thing and I could tell he was upset that it was called only a “miscarriage” when it obviously meant more to him.

Anyway he is really willing to obey the law of chastity for me.
Can I say how much of a hard time I have to sleep these nights?

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