I knew it

I knew it had been too long since the last time I wrote but I thought it had been longer than that.

Many things have happened.
I must say that I feel inspired again to write since I have gone through some things that I want to share.

As I thought I was right about my best friend and now she is in pain and I am too.

So this is the bad/sad/teaching part of all the things I have to write about.

I guess I must be doing somehting good with my life (I am not always sure, I only try to be honest) since I am being really blessed in the fields that matters the most for me.

Let’s start with the shortest news: I am doing good with my Aïkido. I did not pass with flying colors but I know I can do better than what I did on the tatami. So this is good enough for me.

And in case you wonder I am the fat one 😉

What else? Oh my gosh can it take less than a day to write about it? I don’t think so therefore I’ll leave it for Monday meanwhile I hope I’ll get a chance to talk with my bishop because I really need to.
No I did not do anything wrong, I just told you I must bedoing something good with my life, but I do need to talk to him about going back to the temple since it has been two years now AND I just need to go to the temple but I guess I need to tell you why. the problem is that it is way to long to type so come back on Monday for the big thing going on in my life right now.

1 thought on “I knew it

  1. So, I’m totally hanging off the edge of my seat now!!!!! You know I’m thinking the big M word!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
    I’ll be back for sure on Monday. Don’t forget to write!!!!!!!!!!!

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