A little more

I don’t love vacations because I then don’t work but because it gives me the piece of mind I need to think and ponder upon spiritual matter.
I am grateffull for my relationship with my Heavenly Father but I wonder about my relationship with our Heavenly Mother. See how I can’t say “my”?
I have been thinking about our prayers and how we start them with “dear Heavenly father” or anything else of the kind refering to God. And I can imagine their email address being full of it and her sayong “never any mail for me!”
Of course you know I am kidding.
I have been wanting to know more about Her and since we don’t have any strong knowledge on the subject I figured out I got to do it on my own. Yet something has been disturbing me lately.
I spent New Year’s Eve with my RS president and a few other guests she had over. The conclusion to this was that my new year resolution is to spend the next one and the folllowings with my best friend and her guests no matter how drunk they may get.
I just had the feeling that not only did I not belong to their club (not wanted to) but also that their club was the “higher” one. In this club women talk about kids (and only kids) men ralk about their job and the common subject they may talk about is the building of their house.
Can you see me throwing up?
Hopefully you already know me well enough to understand and know why I have such a reaction.
Oh yeah, and the best part was that I almost did not talk because I had nothing to say on the subjects and nobody was really interested in what I had to say. Sorry, I like to talk about politics, geo-politics, arts, economy. Yeah I know, waaaaaaaaaay two complicated for some.
I am getting upset again and I could go on forever and again it would be hard to understand how it is relevant when talking about our HM.
Well I wonder if she was like my RS and her friends or of she was like me. Then I understand the purpose for polygamy. We don’t even know FOR SURE that it will apply up there. It is our “understanding” that tells us that it is the way it goes up there. I am not saying that it does not. I am just saying that unless we have been on the other side and back nd specifically investigate this field we can’t tell it is one way or another.
Anyway, if my HM is the way our RS is I wish HF has other wives so I can relate to them and feel closer to them.
I think the way I picture our HM is like Bree in Desperate House Wives. Of course a perfect Bree…which is even worse. For me the perfect wife is a Linette with a little Susan on the edge.
Anyway I am curious about her. Like a child curiosity not a spiritual one. So I think I should make this curiosity deeper because I believe I can grow from this understanding and maybe find some answers and some of the peace I am looking for.

2 thoughts on “A little more

  1. I think YOUR HM is like you, and MY HM is like me. 🙂
    I really DO think HF has like what, a thousand wives. Can you imagine one poor woman giving birth to trillions of chldren? (wince)
    Who knows, like you say. It is certainly interesting to ponder what she or they might be like.

  2. Well then I guess MY HM is the one who must make spending time with the other worth it. See, anytime He ise bored I think that He spends a day or two with mine and then runs back to yours 😛

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